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We are always looking for new pets to join our Family ♡ We add a maximum of 10 new Ambassadors per month (sibling pets count as 1, even if there are multiple Social Media accounts.) Detailed below you can find what is expected of a Furry Paws Rep and all of the special perks and rewards that are offered by us.

a furry paws rep is someone who ~

  • Follows us on Instagram ~ @furrypaws_apparel

  • Is at least 18 years of age and lives in the U.S.

  • Has an active, and preferably, public Instagram account.
    *3+ posts per week with (at least) 250 followers.

  • Takes clear, well-lit photos with our products.
    *We ♡ outside pictures.

  • Has fun with their Ambassadorship! A Rep is someone who loves showing off our products that they love.

our ambassadors receive ~

  • A unique 10%, shareable discount code.

  • A 15% Ambassadors only discount code.

  • A special 30% off Bark-Day or Gotcha Day discount code.

  • The option to participate in fun games and activities to win free products from our shop.

  • Pre-purchasing access before releasing products on the site.

  • So much more!

to apply to become a furry paws apparel rep ~

Please note that you will be required a start-up purchase before becoming an Ambassador. With this purchase, we would like for you to use one of our current Ambassadors' 10% shareable discount code. These can be found on our Instagram page under our "Furry Fam" highlight. Please remember that we add Reps on a "first come, first served" basis. If you would like to join the Furry Fam, please fill out our Ambassador Application.

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