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Our current lead time is 2 weeks for processing. We currently ship via USPS, please allow 3-5 transit days for your happy mail to arrive. 
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We are always looking for new members to join our crew! If you are interested in becoming a Furry Paws Apparel Ambassador please contact us to apply. 

We ask that our Ambassadors: 

  • Have an active, public Instagram account for your dog with at least 250 followers and 3+ posts per week

  • Follow us on Instagram @furrypaws_apparel 

  • Are at least 18 years of age and based in the U.S.

  • Take beautiful, clear, well-lit photos that align with our brand's aesthetic

*At this time we are not currently accepting requests for free merchandise or giveaway collaborations. 


We LOVE our Brand Ambassadors! Here are the perks of ambassadorship:

  • 15% off code to promote - Every 5x this code is used you'll receive a free product of your choice!

  • 25% off all of your own Furry Paw Apparel purchases

  • An opportunity to be featured on our website and social media

  • A chance to win even more prizes during fun competitions

  • Content that you can easily repost and share

  • And, sneak peeks of new products and styles

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We recommend measuring your pets' neck for accurate sizing, with the buttons the smaller size is for the inside button and the larger size is for the outside button. 
Size XXS - 9/10 in. (Check out Ambassadors Storm, Loki and Trixie!)
Recommended for Cats, Bunnies and small breeds under 10 lbs.
Size XS - 12/13 in. (Check out Ambassadors Simba, Nala, Ollie, Piper, Mocha, Kiwi and Lexie!)
Recommended for Large/Floofy Cats and small breeds between 11-15 lbs.
Size S - 14/15 in. (Check out Ambassadors Charlie, Louis, Mila, Kierkegaard, Jack, Maddy, Taz, Hopper, Smudge, Sans and Tucker)
Recommended for Beagles, Smaller Corgis, Boston Terriers and other breeds between 16-35 lbs.
Size M - 16/17 in. (Check out Ambassadors Benny, Dixie, Mickey, Shelby, Bear and Marshall)
Recommended for Larger Corgis, Petite Pitbulls, Boxers, Petite G. Shepherds and other medium breeds between 36-60 lbs.
Size L - 19/20 in, (Check out Ambassadors Oden, Lani, Griffey, Ash, Haisel and Kensie)
Recommended for Larger Boxers, Pitbulls, G. Shepherds and other breeds between 61-85 lbs.
Size XL - 21/22 in. (Check out Ambassadors Zip, Nash, Malkin, Bentley and Simba)
Recommended for Large Rotties, G. Retrievers, Floofy Samoyeds, Larger G. Shepherds, Great Danes, Berners and other breeds between 86-130 lbs.
Size XXL - 25/26 in. (Check out Ambassador Jackson)
Recommended for Mastiffs, Floofy Berners and other floofy and larger breeds between 86-130 lbs.
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An email will be sent to you once your order ships. It will include tracking information. If you do not receive an email please reach out to us and we can resolve this issue.
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