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Furry Paws Apparel Co. was established in September of 2019 out of Central NJ and has sold to 49 of America's 50 States

jack + jill ~ with seven

Hi! I'm Jill, and yes, my angel fur baby's name is Jack ♡ He sent me an angel to to protect me on Earth. His name is Seven.

 With dreams and ideas of starting a Small Business for as long as I can remember, I finally had the chance to turn those dreams into a reality. I brought my thoughts and ideas to life and got to work.

As if I didn't have enough on my hands being on active Mom Duty 24/7 ~ I knew it was the right time to finally take the leap. With the help and support of so many Family Members and Friends, Furry Paws Apparel Co. was created. 

After booming in 2020, FP was (and still is) something that I am so proud of. I constantly find myself saying "I did that. Those were made by me. And everyone actually loves dressing their fur babies in my bandanas!!" It makes my heart so happy.

I love what I do, and I couldn't do it without all of the love I receive from this incredible community.


This is Emily, while she is my "third hand" with all things Furry Paws related, she is also a very close friend of mine. 

Her fur baby was one of the first 10 Ambassadors and joined the Family in 2020. She was always trying to find the perfect bandanas for Oden but it was difficult due to his unique body-shape.

She always reached out to tell me how much she loved the way my bandanas fit Oden and we always found ourselves chatting about ideas for FP, goals and sometimes, just life. 

When she noticed life was getting in the way of my ideas and goals, she offered a helping hand in any way that she could. And now she is the CEO of all things Social Media for FP. All while owning her own cookie baking/decorating Small Business: Sugar Plum Kitchen Cookies.

3 years later ~ she continues to be my biggest supporter, my helping hand and my go-to brain to pick with my newest ideas and goals.

oden + Emily

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