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The Lil' Stinker Bundle - Poo Bag Pouch
  • The Lil' Stinker Bundle - Poo Bag Pouch

    This Bundle includes ~ 1 Small Bandana and 1 Poo Bag Pouch in our "Lil' Stinker" pattern. This pattern is currently only available as a bundle and stock is limited.


    All bandana patterns vary. Please note that your bandana will not be identical to the picture shown


    Our sizes run from XX-Small to XX-Large and have the ability to adjust with a unique two button design. They do not tie, nor do they have a snap button. All bandanas have hand-sewn buttons on one end that loop and connect into a button hole on the other end.


    Please be sure to measure your pet's neck before ordering your bandana(s). Always account for fur when measuring and do not measure too tightly. You should be able to fit two fingers behind the bandana. If you are still unsure of what size to order, please click here to see our full sizing guide and helpful photo references.

    • Bandana Size Measurement Weight
      XX-Small 9 to 10 inches Less than 10lbs.

      12 to 13 inches

      Between 11 and 20lbs.
      Small 14 to 15 inches Between 21 and 35lbs.
      Medium 16 to 17 inches Between 36 and 60lbs.
      Large 19 to 20 inches Between 61 and 80lbs.
      X-Large 21 to 22 inches Between 81 and 100/105lbs.
      XX-Large 25 to 26 inches More than 105lbs. (Fluffy)
    • Cute pouches that hold rolls of Poo Bags and match your Pet's bandana! These little holders have an inner lining making bag removal and clean-up super easy. The lobster clasp is able to hook right onto your leash or bag for easy carrying and every Poo Bag Pouch comes with one roll of bags already included.

      All Poo Bag Pouches are one size. They hold a roll of 15 bags which measure 2 3/8” x 1 3/8” (which is the universal size of poo bag rolls.) 

    $28.00 Regular Price
    $26.60Sale Price
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