*Not pictured because they are not made yet. Waiting for the Tags to be delivered. But the fabric is already cut to make them!*


Cute lil' sacks to match your Furry Friends' Bandana! They can be used for an infinite amount of items such as - treats, personal belongings, poo bags, small toys, cell phones, ect.


Sacks are one size. They measure 7in. tall and 4.5in. wide.


They are squared at the bottom and able to stand up on their own. A draw string is used to close them. 


The lining inside of them is a 'waterproof' fabric for easy wipe down if needed


    Snacco Sacks can be washed as normal.

    For best results, wash on delicate and lay out to dry.

    Regular wipe downs of the inner layer will keep it looking brand new.


    Not satisfied with your Snacco Sack? Reach out to us ASAP so we can solve the issue!