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All of Andy's Toys Poo Bag Pouch
  • All of Andy's Toys Poo Bag Pouch

    Match your pet's bandana with this perfect necessity to add to your daily walk. These little holders have a inner lining making bag removal and cleaning easy. The lobster clasp is able to hook right onto your leash or bag for easy carrying.


    All Poo Bag Pouches are one size. They hold a roll of 15 bags which measure 2 3/8” x 1 3/8” (which is the universal size of poo bag rolls) and come equipped with one bag already inside.


    This design includes a FREE Key Fob Wristlet with a Resin Tag in the same fabric as well as a Resin Tag to add a finishing touch!


    Please note that stock is limited and not all bandana patterns have the ability to match a Poo Bag Pouch. 

      $29.00 Regular Price
      $12.00Sale Price
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